Answers to Your questions

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Do Teachers and Mentors have free admission?

Yes. For every 16 scholars, the teacher/mentor has free admission for all activities included in the program.

Can top skis and boards be rented?

Yes, at own cost. The winter programs include ski and snowboard material of the category ***(Easy Carv). For materials not included in category ***, the price list of the ski rental has to be consulted. The cost/price cannot be included or refunded.

Can my payment be refunded upon canellation of the trip?

Yes. Within a week of receiving the booking confirmation for the trip, one can insure the costs via an Insurance company in case something should come up. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this through the Sportschule Kürbis.

Where will the scholars be staying? What are the contact details?

k1 sporthotel

09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
Tel.: 037348 – 7397

Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal GmbH
Werner-Seelenbinder-Str. 46
09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
Tel.:   037348 - 12660

Hotel am Fichtelberg
Karlsbader Str. 40-42
09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
Tel.: 037348 – 170

Jugendherberge Neudorf
Vierenstraße 26
09465 Sehmatal
Tel.: 037342 - 8282

Hotel Lahnerhof
Thuins Nr. 49
I-39049 Sterzing
Tel.: +39 0472 - 764777

Hotel Gasthof Sonnenheim
Familie Baur • Flains 203
I-39049 Pfitsch bei Sterzing
Tel. +39 0472 - 765784

Where can I obtain information about the ski area?

Oberwiesenthal/Ore Mountains:

Sterzing/South Tyrol:

Is the bus transfer included in your price?

Yes, the bus transfer is included in the price.

Does the bus have to stay in South Tyrol? Who carries the costs for the driver′s accommodation?

The bus does not have to stay in South Tyrol. The public ski bus will be utilised for all transfers to and from the ski area (7km). Only the first transfer into the ski area on Monday after lunch (around 13.30 o‘clock). The return transfer will be with the public ski bus. If you booked the bus through us, there will be no costs for the accommodation of the driver. In the case that “Your” bus remains in the area, You should calculate the costs into your budget, as the hotel does not offer free accommodation for this. A good ballpoint figure is about 40,- € per day, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast.

Can I get a single-room as a teacher?

A request would have to be put out to the hotel. There may be extra costs in this regard.

What do our scholars have to bring along to the Winter Camp?

Durable clothing for the mountains(which can also get wet) - the best would of course be a ski jacket and pants, Hat, at least one pair of gloves and ski socks. For the cross-country course, one would need to bring applicable clothing( tracksuit, windbreaker). Should a scholar not have a ski pants, he7she should bring a minimum of 3 durable pants (jeans). Towels and toiletries!!!! As well as personal belongings. No need to bring bedding!

Can the scholars/teachers bring their own ski material? Is there an extra charge?

One can bring own equipment/material. However, this is not recommended. The price includes rental of all required material and equipment. We do not take any responsibility of any faulty material/equipment that was not supplied by us. There is no safe storage and there will be no refund of costs.

Do you also offer Cross-Country courses?

Yes. This can however only be offered if 13 to 15 scholars partake. Please inquire about this!!

How many scholars can I sign up for snowboarding lessons?

We are trying to follow the trend, and have stocked up our depots to meet all requirements. We can host about 60 people in Oberwiesenthal, and about 30 people. These numbers are calculated on the total occupancy of the week. Should you have a great request, please contact us in advance so that we can find a solution for you!

I have obese scholars. Would a Winter Camp be worth it?

Generally speaking, sport activities are good for the positive wellbeing of an obese person. These activities should, however, be carried out under medical supervision/instruction.

Where can I find the actual school holiday calendar?

What is the maximum number of people that can be hosted at a project week/school trip?

In Oberwiesenthal
In the “k1 sporthotel”: about 70 people (scholars and teachers)
In the “Hotel am Fichtelberg”: about 40-100 people (scholars and teachers) - depending on booked week
In the “Ferienpark”: about 70 people (scholars and teachers)

In South Tyrol

In the “Hotel Lahnerhof”: 50-100 people (scholars and teachers) - depending on booked week

What licensing/qualification do you have when it comes to the activities offered?

In the areas that we instruct(Winter camp, climbing, skating), we appoint instructors with a diploma in coaching, and students that are studying sports. Every team member can supply the relevant licence on demand, or is at least in the qualifying stage for the licence. The licences are, namely:

DSLV Certified Ski Instructor: 1 Licence, 2 Licence in Training
DSLV Certified Snowboard Instructor: 1 Licence, 2 Licence in Training
DSLV Association Snowboard instructor and Association Ski instructor: 8 Licences
DSLV Primary Ski – Alpin und Snowboard: 33 Licences

How are the scholars insured?

Due to it being a school trip, the scholars are insured via the school. The responsible accident insurance is (for example, in Saxony) the Accident Fund Saxony.

How is the snow in Oberwiesenthal, particularly in the months of December and March?

Since the completion of the artificial snow machine, there is no problem concerning this.

What do we do if the condition of the snow does not render itself for training?

We will definitely NOT do nothing. The expenses of the cable way can be channelled into alternative activities. In South Tyrol one can take day visits to Bolzano or Merano. In Oberwiesenthal we practice the so-called “geen week”. The scholars will attend courses of their choice to keep occupied.

Will there be a refund if there is no snow?

No. We state in our Terms & Conditions, that we cannot be held responsible for the weather conditions. The responsibility of poor weather, just like on any holiday, falls on the client.

Do the accompanying teachers of public schools have to host a course?

No. -However, depending on their qualification, they could lead a course. Many teachers use the opportunity of the free time to diarise the winter camp.

How does the catering work?

Winter Camp Oberwiesenthal
Breakfast and dinner will be in the relevant hotel that the scholars will be staying. Lunch will be served in the “k1 sporthotel”, directly at the ski slope.

Winter Camp South Tyrol
Breakfast and dinner will be in the hotel. Lunch on the first and last day will also be in the hotel. The remainder of the days, lunch will be in the ski area at the ski hut.

Project week Summer Oberwiesenthal
Breakfast and lunch will be served in the “k1 sporthotel”. For lunch the participants will have their lunchpacks, that they self-prepared in the morning.